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24k Gold++++ only 60 oz 2 oz for 100 Summer special

The high from 24K Gold hits quickly for an indica. Almost immediately after exhaling a bowlful, smokers may detect a

Coastal Pink+++ 26% THC special 60 oz…2 oz for 100

T.H.C 26% INDICA 80% / SATIVA 20% Coastal Pink Kush, as coveted as its OG Kush relative, is an indica-dominant

Cosmonaut +++ special 70 oz. 2 oz for only 120

The Cosmonaut high comes on with a slowly building effect that fills the brain before expanding throughout the rest of


$10.00 each High quality blended expertly rolled Hybrid, 0.8gram ready to go. 1 for $10, buy 1 get 1 FREE

London pound Cake +++ 100 oz 30% THC

London Pound Cake, also known as “Pound Cake”, is an indica-dominant weed strain made from a genetic cross between Sunset Sherbert…The

Trips Ahoy cookies (500mg)

Trips Ahoy cookies are available 500mg THC in Original, Chewy, and Crunchy Cookie flavors.  

Disposable Pen 1 Gram 40 each-2 for 70

Special deal ….3 for 100

Wedding Cake +++ NEW…only 100 oz (10 OFF 110 ORIGINAL PRICE)

Wedding Cake is sometimes referred to as a birthday cake. Wedding cake his known to have very large and colored